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Sailing Club Sundet can offer boatowners:

The right to mooring in the Svanemoelle marina.
The right to get the boat on land during winter at Svaneknoppen.
Winter storage of mast in protected mastshed.
• The right to rent a small shed on Svaneknoppen.
Access to workshops at the Service Building on Svaneknoppen. 

The sailing clubs; Sailing Club Sundet, Copenhagen Amateur Sailing Club and Sailing Club Frem jointly operate the Svanemoelle marina.

Members of Sailing Club Sundet that pays boat owner membership is entitled to mooring in the Svanemoelle marina.

Allocation of mooring space is performed by the Svanemoelle marinas administration and awarded based on senority at the club.
There is a waiting list of mooring space in the marina. Svanemoelle marina administration can provide more information on this. Waiting time can at present be expected.


Ansvarlig for denne side: Sekretariatet (Lars)