Welcome to Sailing Club Sundet

The Sailing Club Sundet is dated back to 1901 and is today located on the northern pier at Svanemoelle Marina.
The club have approximately 1100 member of which 450 are boat owners. The Sailing Club also have a sailing school and a section for people with disabilities.

Sailing School

The Sailing Club Sundets Sailing school lasts two years and consists of:
• Rope course
• First year of sailing in a J/80 sailing boat
• Navigation course
• Second year of sailing in a Jeanneau Sunfast 32i sailing boat
• Outboard motor and fire course (2nd year, in September)

All courses are in Danish.
To learn more about Sailing Club Sundets Sailing school contact the club via e-mail: skoleudvalg@sundet.dk

Boat owner

Sailing Club Sundet can offer the following to boat owners:

• The right to mooring in the Svanemoelle marina.
• The right to get the boat on land during winter at Svaneknoppen.
• Winter storage of mast in protected mast shed.
• The right to rent a small shed on Svaneknoppen.
• Access to workshops at the Service Building on Svaneknoppen.

The sailing clubs; Sailing Club Sundet, Copenhagen Amateur Sailing Club and Sailing Club Frem jointly operate the Svanemoelle marina.

Members of Sailing Club Sundet that pays boat owner membership is entitled to mooring in the Svanemoelle marina.

Allocation of mooring space is performed by the Svanemoelle marinas administration and awarded based on seniority at the club.
There is a waiting list of mooring space in the marina. Svanemoelle marina administration can provide more information on this. Waiting time can at present be expected.

Sailing for people with disabilities

The Sailing Club Sundet has a people with disabilities section which offer physical disabilities the opportunity to go sailing. The club has both single or twin sailing boats including instructors.

Mobile Home Campers

Space for parking of Mobile Home Campers is possible during the summer season at the northern pier at Svanemoelle Marina.
Payment is made with a chipcard which can be obtained from the cash loader by the harbourmaster’s office or at Sailing Club Sundet at the northern pier. Please check if space is available before paying.

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